I think it's been so so long since I did my last haul, it's about time again! These shoes I accumulated throughout the past weeks and as you can see, yes I have an obsession with bows, haha. Why did I bought all these shoes? Well, since I'm going to start my new job very soon I needed a little bit of an update. I know a new job isn't necessarily a good reason for shopping but since the new place I'll be working at is a lot more posh I definitely have to upgrade some of my everyday pieces. The office I'm working at now is very laid-back and focused on streetwear, I never had to "worry" about what to wear. I'm very excited about putting together dressier outfits though. And here they are, my three new cute shoes (with bows).


A pair of leopard flats is a must-have in my closet! I used to have a similar pair but omg they are so old and worn-out. My new pair is from Dorothy Perkins {here}. You can wear them with so many outfits whether with pants or dresses, casual or chic. However I have to say that these are not the best in quality - I feel like my feet can't breathe because of the fake-ish plastic material.


Left is a pair of pointy flats by H&M. It was those kind of love at first sights... I was so in love with them that I bought them even though they didn't have my size! Remember to always size up if they don't have your size (rather than size down) because you can always put soles in and make them tighter for your feet - that's what I did with mine. Right is a pair from Topshop, I would describe them as pointy loafers with little bulky heels. I've actually never worn them out but I can't wait to! They seriously look so cool.

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  1. Die spitzen von H&M finde ich auch super süß *0*

    Liebste Grüße,

  2. awesome!!

    new post

  3. These shoes are looking so lovely !


  4. your shoes are lovely! I've been looking for some new shoes for work, so might check out the above online and on the high street x

  5. Aw they look so cute! I'm not a big fan of flats but these are sweet

    Danika Maia

  6. These shoes are so cute! I love the black pair.

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  8. Erst mal: herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Job!
    Mir persönlich wäre ein Arbeitsplatz am liebsten, der eher relaxt ist, dann kann man sich mal schicker machen, aber es macht auch nichts, wenn einem nicht danach ist ;)


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