Monday is always the hardest day - for me at least. It's the day where I feel most saggy and in search of motivation. Therefor I like to begin the day with something really fun such as watching my favorite youtubers, reading a fashion magazine, scroll through the internet... Something little and simple like that can definitely boost my mood and make my Monday start perfectly. Today I visited some online stores and stumbled across these five gorgeous items.

{one: Flowy Trench by Mango}
I'm in love with the color grey. It's not as heavy as black but also not as light as white... It's something in between and that makes me love it so much. Also it's so easy to wear it with different colors and styles. I already have a trench coat (actually more than one) but a grey one is still missing...

{two: Cut Out Top by ASOS} 
Basics are phenomenal - but sometimes I like them whit a twist, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I don't just want a plain shirt... Add a nice print, cut or material to it and I'm over the moon!

{three: Cat Eye Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs}
Trust me, I've had a ton of differently shaped sunglasses and I had to realize that only one shape suits me the best: It's the (slight) cat eye! I would say that my head is very round (and big, haha) so the cat eye makes it look edgier.

{four: Peach Blossom Midi Skirt by chicwish}
At the moment I have a thing for midi skirts & midi dresses... I don't know why but I feel attracted to the midi-length haha. It looks really classy and posh - I love the feeling of being very feminine when wearing one of these.

{five: Contrast Toe Leather Pumps by Givenchy}
Ok, if I would really buy myself these exact same heels it would be hell of a splurge! But you know... Girls are allowed to dream :-) I'm just really into classy black heels... And again the white toe cap gives the whole thing that kind of twist that I'm desperately in love with.

I hope you had an amazing Monday so far and will continue to have an amazing week!


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  1. all items are gorgeous! i love the trench-coat and the midi skirt x

  2. such a cute set! so delicious!


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