Hello everyone! Yipieeee Fridaaayy:) Finally! I've been waiting the whole week to see the sun shine (for more than 5 minutes) or at least the weather to get warmer. But nope... No idea if it's going to be better on the weekend but I would be a very happy girl if I could soak up some sun! To make your start into this weekend extra sweet I thought I'd share this video with you. I'm sure you all know what Instagram is and how it works - now, do you also want to know how to take the "perfect" Instagram picture? Who else could give us better advice than Aimee Song from Songofstyle? For me and many other girls, she's the ultimate inspiration. Everything she wears or does seems so flawless - her style, her blog and of course her Instagram account. So, who would say no to some professional tips and tricks?:) I hope you enjoy the funny video and let me know if it was helpful:) Good Wekeend!

Hallo Leute! Yipieeee Fridaaayy:) Endlich! Die ganze Woche habe ich darauf gewartet, dass die Sonne mal (mehr als 5 Minuten) scheint oder das es wenigstens wärmer wird. Aber nein... Keine Ahnung wie's am Wochenende aussieht, aber ich hoffe sehr auf ein paar Sonnenstrahlen! Um euch den Start ins Wochenende zu versüssen, möchte ich ein Video mit euch teilen. Instagram ist euch allen bestimmt ein Begriff - nun, vielleicht möchtet ihr wissen, wie man denn "perfekte" Instagram-Fotos macht. Wer könnte uns da bessere Tipps geben als Aimee Song von Songofstyle? Sie ist für mich und für viele andere Mädels eine riesen Inspiration. Alles scheint bei ihr makellos - ihr Style, ihr Blog und natürlich ihr Instagram-Profil. Da nehmen wir natürlich sehr gerne Tipps und Tricks von ihr an, oder?:) Schaut euch das witzig gemachte Video mal selbst an und lasst mich wissen, ob es hilfreich war:) Good Weekend!

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  1. nice shoes :)

  2. Hi Nee, how are you sweety, hope the weather is great on your side. Aimee is such a fantastic style inspiration. Love the video ideas. Happy Weekend hun!

  3. Really cool pictures and tips !

  4. I loved the video! Thanks for sharing it cause i'd probably have forgotten to watch it even though i follow songofstyle. Good tips! :) xx

  5. Just saw this video in the morning and finally I've got to see what goes behind those picture perfect photos of food. It's a lot of work but damn worth it.
    Have a fantastic weekend.x

    1. hahaha it's indeed a lot of work... all that just for a perfect instagram pic lol :P crazyy...

  6. hi Nee, very beautiful pictures, i love instagram and this video is very interesting i love this think you for sharing

  7. hey Nee, toller Blogpost sehr amüsant mit schönen Fotos und inspirierendem Videolink! warte auch noch auf die Sonne am Wochenende :-)

    Schweizer Fashionmama on Bloglovin

  8. Dang, she gave some really good tips. Thanks for sharing!!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  9. haha !!!! like this video. good tips

  10. I'm so jealous, I loooove these pics!! Amazing!

    Thanks for your visit!! ;)

  11. Hello my dear, thank you for visiting my blog and lovely comment. You have a nice blog here too, let's follow each other to keep in touch. I just did with GFC :) kisses xx

  12. Just watched that video, awesome! Well done you xx

  13. I will watch this video!!! thank you for sharing Nee!!




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