Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

DEAR 2018

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You have been hell of a ride! I think I have never had such a diverse and adventurous year in my life. Because of all these events, this year flew by so fast. 2018 started with something very sad, difficult and laborious. This incident made me stronger. Then I quit my job around April. I wanted to see the world, specifically Southeast Asia which was my dream for a long time. So I just made it happen. The second thought was "Shit! How am I going to afford this?". Sure, I have been saving but the resignation was kind of an impulse decision since I was in such a grind - with my job, my life, myself. I was then taking a bartending job at one of my favorite bars in Zürich where I jobbed after work and on weekends. That experience was rewarding and I would stand behind bars anytime again! Trough that bar job (and the tip money) I was able put some more money aside. Also I had to look after my apartment - I had to find someone taking over it while I am abroad. So that was one kind of a hassle. But the girl who I chose to be in there right now is a gem. After I managed to sort most things out I was starting to meet friends to say goodbye. Looking back, I should have probably just throw a farewell party, haha. Speaking about party, I forgot to mention how awesome and enriched my 26th birthday in March was! I didn't expect so many people who I love and admire showed up at this little bar. This late summer I met someone special. I, or we, thought it was love but to be honest I think it was just too overhasty. Also the fact, that I will leave the country was not really meant for our relationship to last. This person still has a special place in my heart and we are still in good terms. This person was around in one of my most stressful times - working two jobs, planning my travels, packing, moving, cleaning my apartment, busy with meeting friends. Anyway, I think we are better off in separate ways. Ever since I am traveling, my mind is more clear. I like the distance and the anonymity I have every time I visit a new place. But now being in Saigon, I feel like I belong here (for a limited time at least). I just had a job interview for a position I dreamed about. If this works out, I will definitely tell you more. Sometimes life is so unexpected! All I wanted was to travel. And now I'm here, sitting at L'Usine sipping a rosé (reward for a good job interview) and thinking about how my life would change if I'll get that job. This year is not over yet, I feel like there is more to come!

Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

The Anecdote

{Nguyen Hue Street, in front of the The Cafe Apartment}

Where have I been. What did I do. I honestly thought I would give up on this blog because of many reasons. Lack of time, passion, creativity. I feel like there is a overwhelming amount of blogs out there and mine doesn't do any impact. But then again, whom am I doing this for? As I am thinking about it, I realize that I don't want to impress anybody with my blog anymore. I write down my thoughts and feelings for myself. If somebody likes to read my blog, I'm happy I could put some thoughtful content out there!

The last few years and months I basically worked and tried to maintain my social life. I was trapped in the daily grind. Everyday kind of felt the same. I didn't do anything meaningful with my life. Now, fast forward - I decided to quit my job to go traveling. At this very moment I am sitting in this very calm and cute coffee shop at one of the busiest streets in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have been solo-traveling for almost 3 months out of a backpack. It is a life-changing experience. Since I have relatives in the city, I am staying with them right now. That way I can save a lot of money. Also, I have the time to think about my future. I mean, I am living off of my savings. I am 26. Should I go back to Switzerland and hunt for another nine-to-five job? Should I be super adventurous and stay here and try to find a job? I mean, why not? What speaks against it? Fear? Of what?

I have met many people along the way. Some really impressed me. They have stories to tell. About the places they have been to, the people they have met, the jobs they have done. I want to be full of stories too. There are times where I ask myself if I am running away from something or if I am really that eager to explore. I think it is a mix of both. I always think about how we only have one life that goes by too fast, so why not want to see and do everything instead of building a stable life in a city we have lived our whole lives? I don't want to offend anyone but I just want to understand. People who seem to have it all together, are they truly deeply happy or are they scared to look out of the box? Or, did they never asked themselves the question?
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